Glass Replacement

When Might Hiring Glass Replacement Be Necessary?

glass-replacementThe glass within modern homes is far more durable than it was in the past. With the majority of panes receiving at least a minimal amount of heat treatment, they are often far stronger than before. But with heat treatment comes brittleness and as a result, panes can be prone to shattering, splintering, or cracking when exposed to larger amounts of pressure.

In 99% of cases, windows will last for years, if not decades, with as little as a quick clean. There are some events that can lead to minor damage, but in most cases, a good glazier will be able to take care of the issue with a quick repair project. There are other times when the only option will be to replace a panel with a new one, but when might these occur?

Blown glass

One of the most common needs for glass replacement relates to the blowing of panels. This only ever occurs within double-glazed windows and the result is often a dull, foggy appearance to panes. The causes typically relate to excessive temperatures (such as cold and heat) on glass, as well as internal damage that can lead to blowing. In these events, the only option is to remove the damaged panel and fit a brand new one.

Cracked panels

Impact damage won’t always lead to the complete shattering of glass. Some will simply crack as a result of being hit by an external force. Alternatively, if panels are forced to bear too much pressure (as a result of a damaged window frame for example), they can sometimes split vertically, or horizontally. There’s no way to ensure the structural integrity of a panel whilst repairing a crack that runs the entire length, so it’s best to have the entire piece removed and replaced with another.

Shattered panes

Some types of glass will be exposed to lamination treatments before they are distributed and these can often be a lot safer; albeit a little more expensive. A shattered panel will be very obvious from the offset, but as long as the layer of lamination holds the individual pieces together, the risk can be fairly minimal. This doesn’t mean that the glass won’t need replacing however, and you should consider hiring a glazier as soon as possible to avoid any further risks.

Deep chips

There are some types of chips that can be repaired with an injection of resin; but more severe ones may affect the structure of a pane of glass and should be evaluated by a professional glazier. These types of chips might appear mild at first, but at the first sign of pressure it won’t be unheard of for the entire panel to split or shatter. To avoid these events you should consider calling an expert as soon as possible. They will either be able to repair the chip, or suggest a replacement method to guarantee the strength of the entire window frame.

Sometimes, you might notice that your windows are looking a little dull and lifeless – and this can be rectified as easily as giving the surfaces a quick wipe over with polish. It’s not unheard of for lime scale to form across windows, and this can make them look damaged and in bad condition. Any good glazier would suggest that a spray containing white vinegar can help to lift away these types of build-up, to reveal a clean, shiny window underneath.