Lawn Edgers

What are Lawn Edgers and How Do They Work?

When it comes to keeping a garden, one of the most important elements to address is a lawn. From ensuring that the blades are at a suitable length, all the way to keeping the lawn itself free from large objects that might restrict sunlight – it’s not just about mowing once a month. A commonly overlooked feature within a garden is the edge of the lawn, where the grass meets a soil patch, brickwork, or other platform for walking on.

In the battle for a straight, tidy grass edge, there’s no better tools than those that specialise in lawn edges. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and although their purpose is similar, the manner in which they operate isn’t. Lawn edgers are therefore some of the most versatile tools available to a gardener, but what do they do exactly and why are there so many types if they all do the same thing?

Well, it all comes down to the way in which gardeners prefer to practice their gardening projects. Where some people enjoy the ease and simplicity of manual tools, others prefer to conserve energy and opt for electrical alternatives. All edgers work by removing angular grass blades from the edge of a lawn and so the end result will be the same – but the efforts to get there are what make the tools unique.

How do edgers work?

Depending on the tool, the edger will simply need to be aligned to the edge of the lawn and then used to cut, trim, or pull the excess grass blades until they appear straight and neat. This process is quite involved (as precision is required), but with the proper care and attention even hand tools can be as effective as mechanical ones, or their electronic equivalents.

The trick is to start at one corner of the grass and slowly make your way across it in line with the edge of the lawn. As the tool snips away at the grass line, any stray blades can be removed and the result should be a clear, concise line that runs neatly in its intended direction. It’s also an option to cut away the excess blades of grass and then clear them away after with the help of a leaf blower or suction device. With the proper care, even the most unkempt garden could soon look neat and tidy and this is something that most avid gardeners will want to aspire towards.